Solar Pumping Systems

Generally, Solar Pumping Systems make use of the sunlight (Solar Energy) to power pumps and its simple systems that do not incorporate batteries for storing electricity.

Off-Grid Systems

Solar radiation from the sun is captured by solar panels, which produce DC electricity.
Then a charge controller converts this unregulated DC power into regulated DC power to store batteries The batteries are connected to an inverter which converts the DC electricity into AC electricity which can be used directly to power AC loads and appliances.


On-Grid Systems

Is a solar power generation system which feeds the generated power into the grid, through a special on-grid inverter. Grid connected systems vary in size from residential (2-10kWp) to solar power stations (up to 10s of MWP).
In the case of residential or building mounted grid connected PV systems, the electricity demand of the building is met by the PV system. Only the excess is fed into the public grid.

Haybrid Systems (PV+Diesel)

Hybrid means seamlessly blending solar power with grid or generator power sources.
Dynamic combination of power sources, so that the pumping system operates at its full load utilizing the solar power and minimizing the dependence on non-renewable power sources.