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Switch to sustainable solar power. It’s clean, safe, and renewable.
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WELCOME TO AGRISOLAR, a distinguished energy solutions provider serving the Egyptian market and the wider MENA region. As a trusted distributor of globally renowned brands, we pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing, steadfast quality assurance, and dedicated technical support for a seamless customer experience. Our commitment to reliability is emphasized through extended warranties on all our products, establishing us as an official distributor.Founded in 2015, AGRISOLAR initially specialized in solar pumping systems, focusing on delivering advanced solutions for various applications, including Pumping, Off-Grid, On-Grid, and hybrid scenarios.Despite encountering challenges, our unwavering belief in our mission has driven our progress. At AGRISOLAR, we not only deliver energy solutions but also embody resilience and innovation. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey towards a sustainable and empowered future.
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Eco Friendly Solutions

Best-in-Class Providers of Clean Energy and Eco-Friendly Solutions.

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Solar Pumping

sustainable water solutions powered by solar energy technology

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Off-Grid System

Empowering independence with reliable

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On-Grid System

Tapping into solar power for grid efficiency.

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VFD Systems

Efficient power, integrating diesel generators with advanced VFD inverter technology

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